Howdy, Space Cowboys and Cowgirls!

I’ve wanted to do this blog for longer than I can remember. Not because I feel like my words are necessarily beneficial for anyone but maybe they’re entertaining and it gives the rest of the people in my world a break from the onslaught of constant communication. I vary between being introverted and extroverted. I’m two different halves making up one fucked up, crazy whole. At some point in the day, week, month.. I’m overflowingly positive. It rains down on you like a beat up pinata spewing morsels of rainbows and kitties. And in the same day, week, month.. I’m terribly introspective, lost in the thoughts that are always knocking like Jehovah’s Witnesses, bringing the tragic reality of things rather than some far fetched dogma. But overall, I’m just me.

Let me start this by illustrating “me”. Giving some insight in to my every day. I am a 31 year old, single, female. I work in an office dedicated to the betterment of the disabled community. I love it and it fuels a lot of my introspective thoughts. Mostly about mortality and the road that takes you there. I also work with my most recent ex-boyfriend. Whoever said you shouldn’t shit where you eat was for one, very fucked up and for two, very spot on. Having to see the person that so recently broke your heart and left you with more unanswered questions than answered every day opens your eyes to who you truly are when faced with real deal adult shit. And overall, I’m handling things like a champ if I do say so myself, If I do say so myself.. (Jay-Z/Beyonce reference..Yeah, I did that) At least, in outward appearances I would say I’m a champion. On the inside, I’m the sore loser crying in the corner asking, “Why me?”

Another motivating factor in doing a blog is to find out if I’m really more normal than how I feel. Maybe everyone thinks similar thoughts and has as many varied feelings as I’m guilty of entertaining? Who the fuck knows? But it’s my personal mission to find out. Come along if you’d like! Misery and mischief loves company!


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